Shanglyu Deng | 邓尚律

University of Macau


Contact Information:

Room 3023, E21B

Avenida da Universidade

Taipa, Macau, China

Academic Appointment

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Macau


Ph.D., Economics, University of Maryland, 2023
M.A., Finance, Peking University, 2018
B.A., Finance, Peking Univeristy, 2016
B.S., Statistics, Peking Univeristy, 2016

My research interests include Applied Microeconomic Theory and Industrial Organization. Here is a link to my Curriculum Vitae.


  1. "Speculation in Procurement Auctions," Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming.
  2. “Contests with Sequential Entry and Incomplete Information,” with Qiang Fu, Zenan Wu, and Yuxuan Zhu, Theoretical Economics, forthcoming.
  3. “Optimally Biased Tullock Contests,” with Qiang Fu and Zenan Wu, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2021, 92, 10-21.
  4. “Incentives in Lottery Contests with Draws,” with Zenan Wu and Xiruo Wang, Economics Letters, 2018, 163, 1-5.

Working Papers

  1. “Confidence Management in Tournaments,” with Hanming Fang, Qiang Fu, and Zenan Wu, revision requested by Journal of Economics & Management Strategy.
  2. “Information Favoritism and Scoring Bias in Contests,” with Hanming Fang, Qiang Fu, and Zenan Wu.
  3. “Strategic Joint Bidding in Procurement Auctions.”
  4. “Bargaining and Dynamic Competition,” with Andrew Sweeting, Dun Jia, and Mario Leccese, new draft coming soon.
  5. “Recurring Auctions with Costly Entry: Theory and Evidence,” with Qiyao Zhou.